Burger Challenge

Misty's Diner Burger Challenge
Reservoir Burger Stats as of December 2017: 
390 attempts - 167 winners!
You have 14 minutes to eat the 5 burgers patties, 5 slices of cheese, 5 slices of bacon, 3 buns, a whole lotta mayo, BBQ sauce, AND.. A 1/2 order of your choice of fries! Win and you will receive your very own Burger Challenge T-shirt absolutely FREE and a place on the wall of fame!
Price: $39.90 - Comes with a coke.

Terms & Conditions:
Age restrictions apply (18+) Waivers MUST be signed before challenge commences.
Availabilities are at kitchen discretion (Peak times may not available) JUST ASK!
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The burger challenge wall of fame can be viewed at Misty's Diner Prahran.
Not all winners have been featured on this collage.